The switch to digital-only TV in the U.S. is a big one that many have overlooked. Once the bands formerly used by analog television broadcasts become free, there will be dozens of companies manufacturing and selling hardware to make use of them. Some portions are aimed at wireless ISPs, others are aimed at home users and still more are aimed at cell companies. All those people eager to get their hands on a piece of the 700MHz band will have to wait a bit longer, however, as the transition itself has been postponed.

Due to concerns over large portions of the U.S. still relying on analog broadcasts and not being prepared for a switch, the government has decided to implement a 4-month delay. Even though many public announcements in numerous fashions have been released, there is a concern that many people are unaware the switch will happen. There are even more concerns about people being able to afford converter boxes to receive digital transmissions, despite government-funded vouchers being available. Or in fact that those who have been trying to get a converter box have been unable, due to a waiting list on the vouchers.

All those issues and more resulted in the proposed delay being approved. What serves as a benefit to people who still rely on analog broadcasts may be seen as a detriment to those companies manufacturing devices using the 700MHz band – they are no doubt eager to begin getting their devices tested, approved and sold.