Following a recent firmware update for existing iPhones, rumors began to spread that Apple may already be playing with a next generation model to succeed the iPhone 3G. Product strings were found inside the firmware for phones that don't yet exist, and of course rumors about what sort of functionality new units might have began flying.

One particularly interesting feature rumored to show up in an upcoming iPhone release is video conferencing. What is a simple feat for a webcam and Skype-equipped PC isn't as easy for a cell phone, albeit it is not new either, and Apple has recently applied for a patent that indicates future iPhones will include such functionality. The patent describes the phone being used for a variety of video-oriented services, from digital videos to photography, and specifically mentions video conferencing.

Many iPhone users have complained to Apple about the lack of video conferencing in a phone that is clearly capable of providing it. For whatever reason, be it cost or practicality, it hasn't been included, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that new iPhones will come stock with the feature. What else would you like to see in the next iPhone?