Nvidia has announced its plans to roll out new platform for low cost mobile internet devices based on the Tegra 600 series system on chip processors. The graphics firm is not shy in making bold claims either, promising their platform will let device manufacturers produce mobile devices with 1080p high definition video decoding capabilities, days of battery life and price tags as low as $99.

To accomplish this, Tegra 600 combines a 750MHz ARM11 processor core with power-efficient GeForce graphics. A reference design meeting the price point would also have 3G and Wi-Fi support thanks to an ST-Ericsson modem and uses Windows CE Embedded as its foundation - though Nvidia has also teamed up with the Open Handset Alliance to make Tegra hardware work with Google's Android software platform.

The company hopes to have the first Tegra 600 series based devices available by in mid-2009, and if it actually delivers at that price point then it could make MIDs viable in the market. We'll have to wait and see.