As Psystar continues to duke it out with Apple in court, many other potential clone makers have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the outcome of the fight. Some, such as the German-based company HyperMegaNet UG, are more than willing to demonstrate that they think Apple is stifling competition. They are doing this by selling Mac clone computers, all the while saying they are not afraid of any legal repercussions. Their PearC computer is similar to Psystar's offerings, in that it makes use of standard hardware bundled with OS X to produce a vastly cheaper alternative to an official Apple-branded machine.

Their principal argument against Apple is that since a machine is sold before a EULA can even be agreed to, there can be no restrictions placed upon that EULA. They assert that Apple's EULA is invalid in Germany because of this, and thus they have no fear of going to court to defend themselves if necessary. They are currently selling to multiple countries in the EU, but not to the US or Canada.

Could the days of Apple being the exclusive Mac dealer be over? If more computer manufacturers overseas take this approach, and if Psystar actually makes progress in the US, that could certainly be the case.