More often than not when we hear about large companies involved in trademark issues, it's typically the company defending a ridiculous trademark or trying to convince the world that they are (or should be) the only ones allowed to use a particular name or symbol. On a somewhat similar situation a company called Psion is attempting to claim ownership of the name "netbook" by filing a trademark application. This comes around a time where just about everybody is using that term to refer to the increasingly popular sub-laptop devices. Although Psion stopped selling their own "netBook" product over five years ago, they still seek to defend the name.

The purpose for such a defense should be obvious as they could use that right to sue any company using the netbook term, which could include any company selling such a product, of which there are many. Psion has already sent cease and desist letters to many manufacturers of the small devices. Dell is one of those companies, and they have filed a petition to cancel the filing, claiming that Psion is not only trying to abuse a generic name, but is attempting fraud. The latter portion comes from the fact that Psion doesn't appear to be even selling netbooks or using the name in the public at all.