MSI recently showed their new X-Slim notebooks which combine a thin form factor with a price tag below the $1000 mark. Looking at the showcase photos you can easily tell that MSI tried to get as close as possible to the minimalistic form factor characteristic of the Macbook Air.

The X-Slim X340 uses a 13.4" screen, while the X600 uses a larger 15.6" screen as well as a considerable thicker chassis which might be explained by the use of a more powerful processor. While it was rumored that the smaller X340 could be one of the first outgoing products to make use of Nvidia's Ion platform, in reality the machine is currently set to use a low-power Intel Penryn CPU and GMA4500 graphics which opens the option for HDMI output. Weighting in at 2.8 pounds with a four-cell battery, this 13-incher is sure going to grab a lot of attention. Hopefully it will see more markets besides Asia.