Microsoft just released details of the changes it has made to Windows 7 between its first (and only) beta release and the upcoming release candidate that is widely expected in April. Overall, it appears that the company isn't making any huge changes to the operating system as a result of the beta feedback, but it is making a lot of relatively minor ones to tweak the desktop experience, such as Windows Flip (Alt + Tab) with Aero Peek and more shortcuts using the Windows key.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to make good on its promise of tweaking the User Account Control feature, following complaints that it was so watered down to make it less annoying that safety was compromised. There are number of bug fixes, performance improvements and compatibility issues resolved as well - but don't expect to see anything groundbreaking here. In fact, many Windows 7 testers have complained that the operating system was feature frozen before we even saw the first beta and that Microsoft was not sharing enough information about changes it planned to make in response to their feedback. Anyway, you can read the complete list of changes at the Engineering Windows 7 blog.