There's no denying that the netbook market has quickly become very crowded, with what started as just the Eee PC turning into a plethora of hardware for users to choose from. It can be almost overwhelming sometimes, but ultimately the market will work itself out. Before that happens, though, there are still more companies that want to get in on the action. Nokia is one of them, with a recent announcement indicating that they are considering entering the netbook market sometime soon.

The exact fashion they intend to enter or compete isn't clear, but they did admit they think the market is already commoditized. Even still, they believe there is enough potential to use their tremendous manufacturing capacity to their advantage. Nokia sees a trend with cell phones and computers slowly merging, which they also believe gives them an advantage over the competition. The company was light on details, not revealing what sort of hardware or software they have planned, or even if they are sure what approach they will take. One thing is for sure, though, they won't find it an easy market to get into at this point.