There is more activity on the mobile GPU front following AMD's launch of the world's first 40nm graphics processors. Specifically, Nvidia today unveiled the GeForce GTX 280M and 260M GPUs for enthusiast notebooks and the GeForce GTS 160M and 150M GPUs for high performance notebooks that shoot for a slimmer profile and less power consumption.

Like rival AMD, Nvidia is promising to deliver full HD multimedia and improved performance (close to 50 percent) over their previous mobile offerings without a leap in power consumption. This is accomplished thanks to a refined variant of their G92 graphics core used on the desktop along with higher core, shader, and memory clock frequencies - detailed specs are available here.

As one would expect, they support PhysX and CUDA technologies as well as Nvidia's SLI multi-GPU technology and Hybrid SLI to switch to integrated graphics in battery-saving situations. The new chips will be used in systems coming from Asus, Clevo, and MSI with versions of the machines being shown at CeBIT this week.