Apple might get the chance of move into one of the biggest markets in the world, after recent findings that the chairman of China Unicom has been negotiating to bring the iPhone to that country. The company has been trying to enter the Chinese market for a while, also negotiating with state-owned China Mobile, but has yet to introduce any iPhone hardware within their borders. After negotiations with the latter provider broke down, it seemed Apple's plans for China would be significantly delayed. Now it seems likely Apple is getting ready for another launch.

That's not to say success is guaranteed. As mentioned in the article, Apple may have an uphill battle in China. The company has had adoption issues in other eastern countries, such as Japan, who has not been very receptive to the iPhone. On top of that, China already has a considerable number of knock off iPhones, which clone it in form and function to varying degrees. Still, with the sheer number of potential customers in China, Apple at least has to try.