Blizzard games are always highly anticipated and the latest Diablo sequel is hardly an exception. The third installment of the long-running series has received tons of attention, particularly since the developer began revealing gameplay details and in-game footage.

Since Diablo 3 was officially unveiled around mid-last year, Blizzard has remained shut on when they plan to have the game ready for retail. Now following roughly four years into development, the game is nearing completion with tentative release dates indicating the game could be with us before this year's Christmas.

The rumors also detail the recommended system specs and a beta version of the game with multiplayer support estimated to become available sometime in September.

As for the listed system specs, they look very lightweight - CPU, RAM and GPU requirements are all lean, indicating that the game is not designed to stress high-end rigs. Although none of this has been officially confirmed, this is a trend Blizzard has followed with great success giving their games the advantage of reaching out to a very large pool of gamers, including those who don't have brand new hardware.