Most of us are probably tired of hearing about alleged PlayStation 3 price cuts that never materialize. There is one group, however, that may seek to force Sony's hands: game publishers. Whereas Sony may be a stick in the mud when it comes to price, publishers are a different story. They don't really care how much the console costs, but rather if the platform is suitable for publishing on and worth the investment in getting a game off the ground. Because of this, it seems some publishers are putting pressure on Sony to axe the price of its console.

Still stuck in third place in terms of actual sales, Sony may risk losing development resources at large firms like EA, Microsoft, Activision Blizzard and more. Even though the number of PS3 exclusive titles is growing, the majority of them would be easily ported to the Xbox 360 - something Sony shouldn't forget. Regardless of the extra functionality their console provides, a publisher still wants to see their game succeed and if sales on one platform dwarf sales on another, it makes simple sense to stick with the better-selling console. In the end, we might see Sony pressured into a price cut rather than doing one voluntarily.