Intel has just introduced a new tool aimed at helping developers squeeze more gaming performance out of their integrated graphics processors. Dubbed Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers, the software consists of three components: a System Analyzer that provides real-time performance monitoring of games in order to pinpoint performance bottlenecks, a Frame Analyzer tool that offers in-depth frame-by-frame performance analysis, and the SDK which enables developers to customize the suite according to their needs.

Sure, Intel's integrated graphics platforms are not exactly known for their gaming prowess, but the launch of GPA shows that the chip maker is paying attention to the rise of mobile gaming and perhaps laying the groundwork for future MID products. For now however the suite supports only the G45 Express and GM45 Express chipsets found in many laptops, with no mention being made of the 945GSE chipset that's currently powers most Atom-based netbooks.

The software is available for free to members of the Visual Adrenaline developer program, launched at the Intel Developer Forum last year, and can be purchased by non-members for $299 through Intel.