Many people have been anticipating this week, which marked the start of long-awaited conference on DRM with the FTC. Advocates for such copy protection schemes as well as opponents have come to petition the commission, to try and sway them one way or the other about what is an acceptable way to provide service. While the FTC specifically mentioned that it would not be taking sides, there was a very curious opening statement by Acting Deputy Director Mary Engle, who referenced certain DRM problems in the past.

In short, she warned that vendors must provide users information about any DRM they use in advance, disclosing the limits it places on products. Without mentioning any specific actions they would take, she only mentioned that the FTC would "come calling" if vendors fail to comply. The conference just begun, but has already seen this and many other very interesting statements being made from both sides of the fence. Whatever happens, this will be a important development fot DRM technology.