OCZ is adding even more high-class hardware to their portfolio, this time specifically for powerful laptops. Making use of the Intel Extreme Memory Profile technology, OCZ is introducing new SODIMMs optimized for Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs. The modules are configured to run at 1066MHz with CL-6-6-6 latencies, and will be sold as the OCZ DDR3 PC3-8500 XMP-Ready.

There's more advantage to Intel's XMP than just plain performance. Particularly when dealing with laptops, incorrectly setting memory configuration might, as any enthusiast knows, require a BIOS reset to fix. One advantage XMP offers is the ability to squeeze performance out of memory without so much effort. Of course, it requires a compatible machine to be paired with – so on top of the premium you'll be paying for the memory, you'll need a high-class laptop to go with it. OCZ's sticks will be available only in 2GB sizes, 4GB in a kit.

There's no mention of price on OCZ's page and SKU doesn't yet show up at online retailers, but you can expect that these will not be a bargain item. As usual, OCZ backs them with a lifetime warranty.