After an abnormally long downtime for maintenance, players of WoW can expect new dungeons, dual talent specializations, user interface improvements, and much more arriving today with The Secrets of Ulduar, patch 3.1 for World of Warcraft.

While it is the focal point, the massive dungeon of Ulduar represents a fraction of what patch 3.1 is. For instance, the update finally brings the anticipated dual specialization system, allowing players to change their role on the fly – shadow priests become holy priests, feral druids become balance druids, and combat rogues become subtlety rogues with the click of a button.

Interface changes will bring an equipment manager, which will allow players to easily save and swap sets of gear, an objectives tracker that tracks multiple quests and achievements simultaneously, and battleground queuing from anywhere. Some other noteworthy changes include the ability to bring ground mounts into water, implementation of the argent tournament, enhanced map views and some class balancing. To view the patch notes in entirety, head over to the official site.