Just days after bringing CompUSA back from the dead, with 30 new stores nationwide and a fresh “retail 2.0” strategy, Systemax has set its sights on yet another defunct electronics vendor: Circuit City. The parent company of online retailer TigerDirect has agreed to purchase its trademarks and domain names for $6.5 million, according to reports, in an auction of Circuit City assets to take place on May 11.

Systemax believes the transaction would “further extend its position as a leader in online retailing of value-priced, branded consumer electronics.” Other companies may also take part on the auction. If Systemax ends up as the winning bidder it's not inconceivable that Circuit may regain at least a little of its former brick-and-mortar presence. The once second-largest electronics retailer ran 567 stores in the U.S. before going out of business and putting nearly 40,000 employees out of work.