Skype has set the rumor mill in motion this morning about the possibility of its VoIP software coming to the Nintendo DSi handheld. Without actually confirming any future plans, a company representative told TechRadar that a release on the DSi is “technically possible,” adding that their growth strategy includes extending the Skype infrastructure and platform to bring service wherever, whenever, and on whatever device people choose to use it.

This follows a slew of speculative stories earlier this month, after Nintendo discussed their vision of a DS handheld that can support various other services besides gaming while people is on the go. This of course can mean numerous things. Skype has already been released on PSP and, more recently, on iPhone and iPod touch, in addition to a handful of other smartphones, so surely it makes sense to develop for Nintendo's top-selling handheld. At the moment, however, this is nothing more than speculation.