Speaking at a press event yesterday in London, Bethesda has revealed that the last of three previously announced Fallout 3 DLC packs, “Broken Steel,” is set for release on May 5 for 800 points on Xbox 360 and PC. The game developer offered a sneak peek at the new content, which will include new weapons and enemies along with other perks, and promises to remove one of Fallout 3 fans' major qualms with the game – the ending.

Broken Steel changes the original ending of the main game, so that three companions will no longer refuse to aid you in your final task, and allows players to continue exploring the game world even after all of the quests are finished. It will also unlock a new area called Adams Air Force base and increases the level cap from 20 to 30. With this, Bethesda is not only moving the finishing line, but apparently leaving the doors wide open for many more add-on packs to come. Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 owners, there is still no word whether Broken Steel or any other additional content will ever come to Sony’s gaming console.