Fighting off rumors that Twitter might be looking to buddy up with a big company, co-founder Biz Stone has commented on the future of the service. He has blatantly said that the company is absolutely not for sale, and isn't interested in being acquired. This runs contrary to numerous rumors which stated that companies as varied as Google, Microsoft and Apple were all sizing Twitter up.

Twitter has already said "no" at least once, to Facebook, towards the end of last year. That hasn't stopped others from trying, nor has it stopped rumors from spreading. It doesn't help that Twitter has seen explosive growth recently, which with young companies is often a precursor to being bought out. What exactly Biz Stone and the rest of the Twitter crew have in store is a mystery, though he makes it clear they will not rest on their laurels. Commenting about the future of the service, Stone said there is "much to do", in terms of both enhancements to the service and general growth. Such expansion plans include enhancing their search functionality, which is no doubt key to bringing in revenue for the rapidly-growing service.