Nvidia has released a new set of WHQL-certified drivers with official support for all flavors of Windows - including the just-launched release candidate of Windows 7. These are good for GeForce cards from the 6-series to the newer 200 series and Ion platform, and bring with them a number of bug fixes along with improved performance in a number of known game titles.

The new ForceWare 185.85 WHQL drivers also support CUDA 2.2 for improved performance in GPU Computing applications and introduce Ambient Occlusion, which according to Nvidia means older games will look nicer than ever by making lighting effects and shadows much more realistic. You can read more about these and other improvements in the official release notes (PDF) or pick the appropriate OS below to download.

Download: Windows XP | XP/2003 64-bit | Windows Vista | Vista 64-bit | Windows 7 32-bit | Windows 7 64-bit