Microsoft has announced that they intend on testing Windows 7 RC1's update mechanism using a method similar to that which was used on the beta back in February. Up to 10 phony fixes will be fed to RC1 users beginning on Tuesday, May 12. The bogus patches are being sent in an effort to verify Microsoft's ability to deliver and manage the updating of Windows 7 in certain real-life scenarios.

As one would presume, the fake updates won't fully introduce any new tweaks or fixes; the plan is to overwrite present system files with replicas. A majority of the coming updates will be installed automatically, but Redmond is using this opportunity to test a new notification feature. The feature will provide Windows 7 RC users with detailed information about updates that require a manual install.

If you're uninterested in participating in the test, opting out is as easy as configuring the Windows Update module to request permission before downloading or installing anything. At that point, you can deselect or "hide" each individual update, realize though, that the faux fixes are harmless. After you deny the updates, it is recommended that you revert back to the default settings. Although these updates aren't bringing any bug fixes, there will be a legitimate release tomorrow - which you wouldn't want to miss out on, naturally.