Intel has recently revealed to partners its mobile platform plans for the rest of the year – and as it is often the case that information has now been leaked onto the web. Citing sources within Taiwan's notebook manufacturer community, DigiTimes is reporting that Intel's next-generation Calpella notebook platform will launch, as scheduled, in the third quarter 2009. The platform is aimed at traditional notebooks and higher end models, ranging from 14 to 18.4 inches in size, making use of sixth-generation Centrino specifications.

On the netbook front, Intel is said to be considering phasing out the newer Atom N280 CPU and GN40 chipset combination due to low demand – apparently netbook vendors believe it doesn’t offer much of an improvement over the older and more common N270 + 945GSE combo. That leaves the latter two as the main netbook parts until September, when the next-generation ‘Pineview’ Atom CPU and ‘Tiger Point’ chipset are expected to hit production. This new platform will be targeted to 10-inch netbooks that cost between $399 and $599.

Lastly, for the 12 to 13-inch segment, DigiTimes says Intel will continue pushing its CULV architecture for ultra-thin notebooks in the $699 to $1,100 price range.