After tasting success with its trial run of selling subsidized netbooks in a few company stores, AT&T has decided to sell the miniature laptops nationwide in a few months. In coordination with this, the company intends on expanding its netbook offerings. Starting as early as June, AT&T will sell netbooks with integrated 3G cards from Acer, Dell and Lenovo at 2,200 of their stores across the US. They will also continue to sell the devices on their website.

The Dallas-based carrier began selling netbooks last month in Atlanta and Philadelphia, and in a number of US cities, RadioShack is already selling the Acer Aspire with AT&T access. According to the phone company, sales have been comprised of a wide spectrum of people, including teenagers, busy moms and small business owners.

As with most carriers and a majority of their devices, netbooks from AT&T are discounted when packaged with a service contract. Those willing to commit to a data plan starting at a monthly $40 and $60 have been able to obtain the Acer Aspire for $99 and less - a steep discount from the retail price.