Anyone tried to connect to DalNET recently? Good luck. One of my favourate channels is there and sometimes I've had to start off a connection in mIRC, minimise the window and then wait for about 10 minutes before checking if a connection has been made. Sometimes one server will still be running normally. Maybe, if you are lucky. Some of the problems have been so bad that some channels have just got up and left to go to other networks.

"It is a sad fact that it has been somewhat difficult to connect to DALnet for some time. There are several reasons for this, including ongoing attacks and a loss of servers." notes the DalNET Web site

You really have to ask yourself WHY? What's the fun in this kind of attack? What exactly do you get out of it? I can understand personal revenge, but this is just the cyber equivalent of someone vandalising a bus shelter just for the sake of it.

"This assault on our servers has rendered many of them inoperable and has virtually closed DALnet to normal use. We have no information on who is behind these attacks or what they hope to gain by depriving users of our services and causing extreme inconvenience (and incurring significant cost) to our hosts," notes the DalNET Web site

Apparently, the normal average of 140,000 users has been reduced to a mere 2000. Currently the future of DalNET is in question.

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