Enthusiast hardware manufacturer OCZ is expanding their existing SSD line with the introduction of a new drive, appropriately named Colossus. The new offering is designed to fit in a standard 3.5-inch bay, rather than using the smaller 2.5-inch format most SSDs have accustomed us to, and will come in both 512GB and 1TB capacities with blazing fast read and writes speeds of around 265MB/s.

According to PC Perspective, the drive will use a pair of Indilinx controllers coupled together in a RAID 0 array with a JMicron RAID controller. Its larger form factor is touted as a benefit in that this drive will fit properly in any chassis on the market, without the need for converter brackets, and will also work in standard hot-swap drive bays. Pricing remains unknown at this point, but you can probably expect to pay dearly for one of these when they hit the market in approximately eight weeks.