OCZ has launched their Sabre OLED multimedia and gaming keyboard. Its primary selling point is quite clear at first glance, with nine OLED hotkeys consuming the left portion of the device. With the Sabre’s intelligent management software, OCZ brags of its virtually boundless customization options.

For starters, the user-programmable OLED keys can convert any digital image or text into distinctive icons. They also permit the user to map sets of command tiers to each OLED, which can store limitless layers of shortcuts and macros. The hotkeys are able to switch their icons and command tiers as the user skips from one application to another. Launching a first person shooter for instance, can bring forth a programmed sub-grid of weapons and tool commands.

As anyone could guess, the Sabre was engineered with hardcore gamers and enthusiasts in mind. It connects via USB, features 128MB of flash memory, weighs a whopping 2.7lbs and its 103 keys are rated for over 5 million cycles. OCZ tells us its MSRP is $199.99 and it is expected to ship later on in the week to resellers.