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Are you aware that FPS is an acronym for Film Process System? If not, your weekend just got better. Watch the hottest booth girls at the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo stumble over the most simplistic gaming questions for two and a half minutes. You may just learn a thing or two. GameDaily

MSN Web messenger has been targeted for extinction Looks like Microsoft is planning to off the service this Tuesday, June 30. As a replacement, Redmond will be incorporating a messenger service into Windows Live Hotmail. Ars Technica

When, and how did Acer get so large? Presently the world's third largest PC manufacturer, Acer has the potential to surpass Dell and claim number two. The New York Times has taken an in-depth look at the company's climb to success. NYTimes

Palm's Mojo SDK hits the web If you've been dying to get your paws on webOS' devkit, now's your chance; a beta has found its way to torrent sites. Given significant role that apps will play in the Pre's campaign against Apple's iPhone, I have to question the legitimacy of Palm's leaky pipes. PreInsiders

Firefox 3.5 final eyed for Tuesday release After a healthy series of release candidates and a bit of a delay, the much anticipated update to Firefox is nearer than ever. Mozilla is claiming the update to bring some significant speed and stability enhancements. ITworld

Expansions announced for EverQuest I and II For those whom still play, Sony Online Entertainment will be delivering EverQuest's 16th expansion (Underfoot), and EverQuest II's 6th (Sentinel's Fate). The former is slated for a November 2009 release, whilst the latter is expected to be seen in February of 2010. Eurogamer