While for the most part the release of iPhone OS 3.0 has gone over successfully, there have been problems reported here and there. Without mentioning specific fixes, Apple has been preparing the 3.1 update for customer devices to address certain issues. A beta has already been released for developer perusal, with a public release hopefully available soon.

For those that have access to the beta, there are several tweaks worth noting – improved voice control, enhancements to the user interface, paste capabilities in the dialer application and more. There are also changes to MMS functionality, even though the majority of iPhone customers in the U.S. currently do not have access to such feature.

That might change soon, however, with AT&T expected to enable MMS access when 3.1 debuts. One issue that remains unclear, besides a specific launch date, is whether or not Apple will be fixing the 3G S overheating issues or any of the reported battery life issues across numerous models.