TS announcement Congratulations Matthew Iselin, winner of our Asus Eee netbook survey giveaway.

Windows 7 to RTM July 13? GeekSmack claims to have an (anonymous) inside source who can confirm an RTM date of July 13 for Microsoft's latest OS. This coincides with the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC09) being held in New Orleans. GeekSmack

Firefox developers foresee an early patch Despite having a pretty successful opening with 5 million downloads in the first day; the development team is already planning on rolling out v3.5.1. The release is expected to fix top crashes and bugs which almost prevented the launch. The Register

Valve Left 4 Dead 2 interview CVG sat down with Valve's Doug Lombardi to discuss the upcoming Left 4 Dead sequel. Lombardi says the recent boycott (now over 37k members) won't affect the company's plans. Also, there's about seven minutes worth of L4D2 footage available - looking good. CVG

Pirate Bay 2.0 looked at in-depth The recent move by Global Gaming Factory has everyone wondering where the dust will settle. Although paying pirates to becoming consumers sounds great on paper, the model in its entirety seems overly ambitious and doomed to catastrophic failure. Wired