Following a successful launch in the U.S. early June, Palm has announced its plans to take the Pre smartphone overseas. Unfortunately, launch timing was only narrowed down to "in time for the holidays," but the company did reveal that the U.K., Ireland, and Germany will have access to the device exclusively on O2 while Spain's Palm Pre will be offered through Movistar - both subsidiaries of Telefónica.

Palm also doesn't provide any prices and chose not to list the radio frequencies for the HSDPA/UMTS with EDGE/GSM version of the Pre. Instead, its press release lists the phone's known hardware specs and touts some of its most notable features, such as true multitasking support and a gesture-controlled touch interface part of the much-praised webOS operating system. The company also reminded Canadians that the Palm Pre is scheduled to debut there with Bell Mobility in the second half of 2009.