Microsoft certainly made a splash at this year's E3 conference with the unveiling of Project Natal. The still in-development add-on, which detects full body movement and real world objects, seems like a natural fit for the Xbox 360 now that motion controlled gaming has become so popular - due in no small part to the Wii. In a recent interview with CNET, however, Bill Gates said the technology will also come to Windows.

He wasn't specific in details but teased that the prospects are "very exciting." Gates believes Natal's depth-sensing camera won't be limited to gaming use, but for media consumption as a whole, and could even find a place in the business world for interacting in meetings, communicate and collaborate.

Can you imagine yourself gesticulating at your computer screen in the future? Project Natal should arrive in little over a year for the Xbox 360, according to Gates, so it's unlikely to make its Windows debut until at least some months after that.