More news has been posted about the next DLC for Fallout 3, Bethesda preparing to release “Mothership Zeta” sometime next month. Coming out for the PC and Xbox initially, the DLC pack follows the recently-released Point Lookout which received largely positive reviews. As Bethesda has mentioned in the past, this will likely be the last official expansion pack for the game. What's to follow? Fan-made content for sure.

If you factor in the freely-available development package, this will be the sixth major expansion Bethesda has made available for the game post-release. Five of those six carry a $10 price tag. Purchasing all of them individually would exceed the original cost of the game, but the company does plan to sell a $50 Game of the Year bundle later this year with all the DLC packs included.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 owners eager to dive into the downloadable content for Fallout 3 will have to wait a bit more. Having missed its initial late June estimate, developer Bethesda now expects the first batch of DLCs for the post-apocalyptic title to hit PlayStation 3 consoles “by the end of September.”

All things considered, what's your take – is Bethesda truly expanding the scope of the game and giving players more of what they want? Or are they simply trying to milk the series with a number of rushed mini-expansions?