Bethesda to release last Fallout 3 DLC next month

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Jul 15, 2009
  1. More news has been posted about the next DLC for Fallout 3, Bethesda preparing to release “Mothership Zeta” sometime next month. Coming out for the PC and Xbox initially, the DLC pack follows the recently-released Point Lookout which received largely positive reviews. As Bethesda has mentioned in the past, this will likely be the last official expansion pack for the game. What\'s to follow? Fan-made content for sure.

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  2. Microsoft or Betheseda ( i dont know who to blame) is doing us PS3 owners wrong with these delays, it seem wrong to me, maybe someone can shed light in my direction.
  3. TomSEA

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    Fallout 3 was one of the best, if not the best games I've ever played in 30 years of gaming. So I was happy to see more content. I've only played "Broken Steel" and am just finishing up the "Point Lookout" DLC's. They both provided interesting and entertaining content - about a total of 10 hours worth each if you did everything. So that's $1.00 an hour's worth of entertainment and how I judge whether I get value or not for a game purchase. If I pay $50 for a game and get 50 hours of playtime out of it - I'm happy.

    Now is Bethesda milking the franchise? Well of course they are. It was a massive international hit across 3 platforms and won several GOTY honors selling who knows how many copies. Many people were disappointed with the ending so why not provide more content for a fee? Just makes good business sense. But Bethesda has done a really quality job of putting together these DLC's (at least the two I've played). So yeah they're milking it, but also doing a nice job of it. They could have slapped together some crap and people still would have bought it.

    For PS3 owners - I feel your pain, but Fallout 3 was really built for the PC. It uses the same engine as The Elder Scrolls. For technical reasons, games developed for the PC are a lot easier to port to the Xbox than to the PS3. You see in a number of PC games where developers have no interest in building a port for the PS3 client due to those technical issues. It is what it is - there are a number of PS3 games that I'd like to play but can't because they'll never be ported to the PC. My advice is to be patient and count your lucky stars that you're getting the DLC's at all. Remember originally Bethesda said, "no way" for PS3 versions of the DLC's.
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    Fallout 2 was better. ;D
  5. I get bloody fed up when a release gets posted on websites like, im jumping around for weeks waiting for it to arrive, the find out a day before the release date, it gets put back another 4 weeks,
  6. Im a game, and i dont really understand all of these tech terminologies, but i do know, in refrence to the last statement in this article,

    " is Bethesda truly expanding the scope of the game and giving players more of what they want? Or are they simply trying to milk the series with a number of rushed mini-expansions?"

    I feel that as long as the consumer, myself included, or happy with it, regardless of the intentions of Bethesda, it truly is expanding the scope of the game, and giving the players more of what they want.

    in short, i believe that if Bethesda is in fact trying to "milk the series", players are still getting what they want, and so long as that continues, there shouldn't be much trouble with it.

    Fallout 3 was an epic game, and if Bethesda is just milking it, I'm happy with what i got, and will continue to look into any game that Bethesda creates.
  7. To anwser the question' i would have to say that i am not sure what i want to believe. i have all dlc's for fallout 3(Xbox 360) except for the Mothership Zeta, and i have all ready finished them. I am a huge fan of the game, and i must say it is truly my most favorite game i ever owned, but i do feel that they are wasting my money a bit, because these dlc's aren't the longest downloads for 10$(800 microsoft points) i did believe that they would be much longer, but the truth is they aren't, they add much more weapons and other items but an average 4 quests, that can take only 30 mins to finish one, I don't want to think that Bethesda is just taking us for more money, but they just shoulda made the dlc's worth the amount we pay. But..I'm still getting the final dlc anyway.
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