According to the company’s website, computer maker Everex has brought its US operations to a halt, and is reportedly liquidating its assets. Its presence still remains in Asia, with locations in Japan and Taiwan. No official statement regarding the North American closure has been made. Everex is known for distributing its budget-class systems via Wal-Mart.

Among the most recognized models is the company’s Zonbu PC, gPC and Cloudbook netbook – none of which really took off. The Cloudbook especially received poor acclaim, both at the consumer level and with professional reviewers. They were often attributed with having a sub-standard build quality. It wasn’t uncommon for the Cloudbook’s keyboard to fall apart, to have unstable Wi-Fi connections and sluggish loading times.

Everex was one of the few OEMs who embraced Via microprocessors and Linux – both underdogs in terms of market share in their segments. has taken a look into the “craptastic” history of Everex, if you’re up for an entertaining read and some bashing.