After delivering the world’s first 128GB USB flash drive, Kingston has claimed the title again for their 256GB DataTraveler 300. The drive makes use of a cap-less design which seems to employ a sliding mechanism to eject the USB head. Being larger than my primary OS HDD, I imagine this beast can host quite the cache of media.

The drive is capable of holding up to 365 CDs – or one album for every day of the year. The 256GB DataTraveler 300 features read rates of up to 20MB/s and write of 10MB/s. Given its storage capacity, the drive is a bit bulky at 2.78” x .67” x .87” but it shouldn’t detract much from its portability. While the drive is ReadyBoost-capable, its password software will not work properly if ReadyBoost cache is enabled.

It is built to order and ships with a five-year warranty and 24/7 tech support. According to Kingston’s website the DataTraveler300 is available in the Far East, Middle East and Africa only. The MSRP is £565.67 (about $935.11).