The Pirate Bay's relatively new “IPREDator” service was one of the responses the group had to the lawsuits brought against them. Though TBP's moniker itself is on the road to commercialization, there are still efforts being made by them to improve P2P services on the Internet. Moving towards that goal, this week they officially opened IPREDator to hundreds of thousands of beta testers.

Bypassing ISP or government restrictions, providing anonymous connections via a 128-bit encrypted VPN tunnel and other features are selling points of the service, which has apparently pulled in around 180,000 individuals for the beta and will ultimately be available through a monthly subscription.

When IPREDator goes public it will compete with other online VPN services that offer similar functionality. TBP hopes to use not only their name, but the fact that the service is hosted in Sweden to their advantage, given that Swedish law does not require them to surrender user information unless conviction is expected to result in at least two years imprisonment. Even if that were to be the case, IPREDator promises it will not keep network records, meaning there is no point in collection agencies pressuring them to hand over customer data.