As excited as we were about Asus’ P6X58 USB 3.0-packing motherboard, it simply wasn’t meant to be. Asus has reportedly cancelled production of the board for undisclosed reasons. When questioned by The Inquirer, a company spokesperson said that it wasn’t pulled “for any particularly interesting reasons.”

If you missed our original story, the board was supposed to feature two USB 3.0 ports that encompassed the wrath of NEC’s µPD720200 controller. When the news first broke, Asus failed to mention a potential release date or price – and I said I wouldn’t be surprised to see it before the holiday season.

Speculation is suggesting that Asus may have pulled the board due to poor USB 3.0 performance, but there is nothing official yet. With little to no USB 3.0-capable devices presently on the market, Asus’ isn’t really hurting anything by setting the project aside – unless they have something else up their sleeve.