Sony's sales aren't living up to expectations, as their games division is feeling sharp drops in PS3 and PSP figures for Q1 2009. Overall sales for all PlayStation hardware were down 37.4% compared to a year ago. The massive hit included a half-million fewer PS3s and 2.4 million less PSPs, contributing to a $2.571 billion revenue drop for Sony. The decline was also attributed to poor Vaio hardware and game sales. Games may have taken the biggest hit, with 8 million fewer PS3 titles and 3.5 million fewer PSP titles being sold.

Sony did manage to improve in the area of PS2 sales, with the company pushing out 1.6 million units. Still, the decade-old console is not Sony's mainstay and won't help them much in making up for other shortcomings. There is some room to give them for Q1 not being prime for sales, though. After making a decent comeback in the latter half of 2008, Sony is likely scrambling to come up with a plan for the remainder of the year.