Rumors of a new PlayStation 3 console are running rampant today - whether it's the slimmed-down version or a higher capacity model remains to be seen but it definitely feels like something's cooking over at Sony. The latest bit comes as what appears to be an internal document from 7-Eleven (which sells video games in Japan) that suggests Sony may be about to discontinue the 80GB PS3 in its home country.

According to a report by Kotaku, the retailer will no longer be taking "pre-orders" for black, white and silver 80GB PS3 after Sunday at the maker's request, and all in-store displays for the 80GB model will be taken down. Meanwhile, a separate report from Taiwan's DigiTimes claims Sony is seriously ramping up orders for "key PS3 components," enough to build a million consoles over the next three months - which is apparently double what it ordered last quarter.

Last but not least, a listing for a "PlayStation 3 Konsole Slim" appeared on Amazon's German website over the weekend before quickly being removed. While this may not mean much, some say official confirmation could come from Sony's Gamescom press conference in Germany on August 18.