Microsoft currently offers its Xbox 360 console at three different price points: the $199 HDD-less Arcade, $299 60GB Pro, and $399 120GB Elite. However, a leaked Meijer ad obtained by Kotaku has been doing the rounds today seemingly confirming what has been rumored for months - the company will soon axe the Xbox 360 Pro from its lineup and drop the price on the Elite model to replace it.

The move will reportedly take place as early as August 30, which is also in line with previous rumors, and should make the Xbox 360 Elite only $50 more expensive than a Wii. Not bad considering you'll get far more storage space, Netflix streaming, and in my opinion the best selection of titles and online gaming experience - well, for an extra fee. Microsoft has made no official comment on the matter, so for now it is just a (very likely) rumor.