Notebook PCB makers HannStar Board and Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) have an improved outlook for the third quarter. The companies are expecting a 15% growth in the quarter due to the launch of ultra-thin notebooks as well as seasonal demand. Similarly, market watchers forecast GCE to have a 10% growth.

HannStar Board is predicting that ultra-thin notebook shipments will double to 700,000 units in the third quarter - compared to 350,000 units in the second. In preparation, it has already expanded its monthly HDI capacity to 250,000 square feet from 100,000.

GCE moved 400,000 notebook HDI boards in the second quarter, accounting for 5.5% of its total notebook PCB shipments (7.3 million units). It is predicting the sale of 800,000 HDI boards and a 15% growth in overall notebook PCB shipments.