Intel has purchased RapidMind, a Canadian software company who provides a development platform that makes it easier for software vendors to target multi-core processors and accelerators like GPUs. Intel hopes to utilize the acquisition by enhancing the power of its multicore processors. The chipmaker plans to incorporate RapidMind's data-parallelism products into its own lineup of compilers, middleware, and other tools that allow programs to exploit multiple threads and cores.

RapidMind is one of many software firms Intel has consumed lately, as it attempts to offer tools that can adapt software better to its hardware. It recently acquired Cilk Arts, which also develops software for multi-core computing. In June, the company paid $884 million for embedded systems firm Wind River to accelerate its efforts in expanding beyond the PC market.

The companies have yet to disclose any financial details, but Intel will keep the majority of RapidMind's staff, and it will continue to service existing RapidMind customers.