Blackberry-maker Research In Motion has purchased Torch Mobile, the developer of Iris browser, an Iris-based Web widget platform, an RSS reader, and enterprise-level software products. Torch Mobile's development team will merge with RIM, and their energy will be spent on enhancing the BlackBerry mobile browser experience. The companies have not disclosed financial details of sale.

The buyout is good news for BlackBerry owners, as the handset's default browser is lackluster at best. That said, it will probably be a while before end users feel any effect from the acquisition. The mobile browser Iris is widely used on Windows Mobile devices, but the deal will cease development for that platform.

This purchase is one of RIM's many attempts to maintain traction in the smartphone race. The company has faced stiff competition, with Apple rapidly consuming market share. In early June, RIM scooped up ailing GPS company Dash Navigation.