SCO has managed to hang on to its existence for a little longer, following a recent appeals hearing. Although the company has been defeated in court numerous times, filed for bankruptcy, been delisted on the stock exchange and is facing more loss, they are still moving forward with lawsuits as a revenue source. This development comes after SCO won an appeal in court this week, backtracking on previous court decisions.

The news undoubtedly comes as bitter to both IBM and Novell, two targets of SCO's never-ending lawsuits. SCO CEO Darl McBride says winning the appeal puts the company "back on track." Back on track to what is up in the air, as McBride isn't in full control anymore - SCO having been put under trusteeship.

SCO still owes a substantial amount of money to Novell, who will continue to pursue SCO until they fold or disappear. With a judgment against them in Novell's favor and being severely strapped for cash, one must wonder how SCO continues to fund their legal battles.