MSI has confirmed reports that they are cooking up a Pine Trail-packing convertible touchscreen netbook. Expected to debut at CES 2010 the MSI Wind U150 will face off against Asus' Eee PC T91. The U150 will not only house Intel's upcoming Pine Trail platform, but it will run Microsoft Windows 7.

Unfortunately, word has it that the U150 may not make use of Windows 7's multitouch functionality. The device supposedly uses a resistive instead of a capacitive touchscreen. SlashGear notes that the decision is probably an attempt to keep costs down. While that is still a year away, MSI recently announced that it would introduce an AMD-based version of their Wind U200, the Wind U210.

The two disclosed U210 sub-models will bear similar specifications. The U210-002 sports a 12.1" display, an AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, an ATI Mobility Radeon X1250, a 160GB HDD, and Windows XP. The U210-010 kicks it up a notch with 2GB of RAM, a 250GB HDD, and Vista. The former will ship for about $570, and the latter $642.