According to a recent Internet speed study, the US is positioned at number 28 among other industrialized countries. Topping off the list is South Korea, Japan, Sweden, and Holland. With the gathered information, the Communications Workers of America concluded that the average US broadband speed is 5.1Mb/s -- or one quarter of South Korea's 20.4Mb/s and a third of Japan's 15.8Mb/s.

Delaware reportedly has the nation's fastest broadband speed at 9.9Mb/s -- nearly double the US average. Rhode Island came in at a close second with 9.79Mb/s, New Jersey at 8.86Mb/s, Massachusetts at 8.65Mb/s, and New York took fifth at 8.43Mb/s. Interestingly, California, home to industry bigwigs like Intel and Apple, positioned at number eleven with an average speed of 6.64Mb/s.

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands brought down the US average of 5.1Mb/s. The two territories scored the worst with average speeds of 1.04Mb/s and 1.19Mb/s. Montana ranked the worst as continental states go, averaging 2.32Mb/s. Not far behind is Alaska at 2.34Mb/s, Idaho at 2.57Mb/s, Wyoming at 2.6Mb/s, and Hawaii at 2.97Mb/s.