While desktop PC users have expressed an interest in Windows 7, I haven't seen much chatter from laptop owners. A recent Microsoft demo may change that though, after the company showed how their soon-to-be-launched operating system could offer a significant boost in battery life.

During the demonstration, Microsoft played the same DVD on two equally outfitted Intel-based laptops, one with Windows Vista installed and the other running its successor. In that example, the notebook using Windows Vista consumed about 20.5W of power and died at around 4.14 hours, whereas the Windows 7 unit ate about 15.6W and made it to 5.46 hours.

Based on their findings, Microsoft concluded that the average user could expect 10 to 20% more battery life while watching DVDs -- a substantial improvement. I wouldn't be surprised if more Vista comparison tests were conducted in the coming weeks as Microsoft preps for the launch of Windows 7.