Microsoft is looking to rev up Tupperware party-goers as Windows 7's launch inches nearer. Redmond is encouraging its employees, partners, and technology enthusiasts everywhere to host parties in their homes and abroad to promote the launch of Windows 7.

To partake in the occasion, head over to the Windows 7 House Party site and apply now. If your application is accepted, you will receive a special "Signature Edition" of Windows 7 Ultimate, in addition to a Windows 7 Party Pack. Hosts also have a chance at winning a new PC worth $750.

Among the party themes to choose from are "PhotoPalooza," "Media Mania,"
"Setting up with Ease," and "Family Friendly Fun." Event hosts will be assisted by House Party, a professional in-home marketing company and party organizer who often works with bigwigs like NBC, Kraft, Ford, and Canon.

So, who's going to gather 'round a bonfire and commemorate the launch of Microsoft's new operating system?