For those who missed our post in late July, after discovering a major firmware defect Intel ceased shipments on its just-released 34nm solid state drives. The glitch rendered drives inoperable when adding, deleting, or modifying their password in the system BIOS. E-tailers around the web quickly caught word of the problem and dropped Intel's Postville SSDs.

According to a reader over at The Tech Report, Newegg has recently restocked the second generation 80GB X25-M SSDs -- but has not listed any other second-gen Intel drives. The "G2" 80GB X25-M is substantially more expensive than the first lot of Intel drives. Newegg is charging $350 for the currently available 80GB, and The Tech Report notes that the first batch ran about $230.

Naturally, Intel has included a fix with the newly available drives. If you have one from the previous production round, you can find Intel's firmware update utility here.